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Catholic Baptism
The other day we were invited to a baptism at a Roman Catholic church. There seem to have been many liturgical changes in recent years, (and more on the way apparently). My impression was that mass was a lot more casual than the Anglican communions I assisted at years ago.

A lot I don't agree with about the RC particulars, but they ARE Christian brothers and sisters.

This is not and never will be a "Catholic-bashing" blog.

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Still tinkering
Still tinkering here with links and etc. learning how to do it all. Bear with me.
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Back to the 14th Century. Julian of Norwich
Simplifying faith.... Julian of Norwich (14th century anchoress) deserves a look. You can read about her, and access the Revelation of Divine Love on the site below:

Julian of Norwich link

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Re-thinking faith
Can't help thinking that we make Christian faith a bit too complicated sometimes. It starts to look like a college course rather than a personal relationship with God. OK! We do need an understanding of basic doctrine ... but that is not an end in itself.

The big thing is that Father, Son and Holy Spirit are persons, and our faith is about relationship.
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A New Venture
Well this is the first day of a new whatever. Will we conquer the world - or simply manage to unlatch the gate?
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